Welcome to Samsara Diagnostics, a place for finding the freedom in finitude through dialogue with theology, philosophy, and psychoanalysis. I aim to support your religious and philosophical practice through my writing, research, and reflections which I share for free here at Samsara Diagnostics.

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Who are you?

I'm Matthew – I grew up and studied theology in a Reformed Christian micro-denomination before I went off to Wheaton College and studied philosophy.

I stumbled into a career in software right after college, and have continued my research outside of an institutional university setting, all while having supported operations at three different tech startups.

In spring of 2024, I'll be starting a part-time online masters degree in philosophy and religion with the University of Wales Trinity St. David, marking a strategic foray back into a more institutional context for my scholarship.

My work at Samsara Diagnostics focuses primarily on developing a Christian perspective which takes finitude as a positive starting point for theory and practice rather than as a prison to be escaped.

My work is robustly Protestant and Reformed in its orientation, but moves across a range of surprising topics and interlocutors, especially in the fields of 20th century continental philosophy, psychoanalysis, and Japanese philosophy.

I'm constantly acting as a bridge amongst theological conversations, philosophical discourses, and psychoanalytic theory to foster a dialogue which takes finitude seriously in the journey of Christian discipleship on the way towards becoming fully human in Christ Jesus.

The front page of this website displays my essays sorted by three primary topics – psychoanalysis, theology, and philosophy. Feel free to check out my archive, and please send me a message if you'd like to offer comments or interact further.

How can I support Samsara Diagnostics?

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