You might not have known...

You might not have known...

... a friend and I ran a podcast back in 2021. It was called Suffer Map, and the quality actually holds up quite well. Here's the teaser description:

To map our suffering with thought and laughter -- this is the task we have set before ourselves. With these tools, we resist the darkness, and declare war on despair, the only true absurdity. "All things will be made new." Amen, and at each moment they are.

We've got episodes exploring topics like the anxiety inherent to encountering the Other, how discourse on the Right struggles to talk about systems which produce outcomes without agents to blame, and Tyler's concept of "sentimentalism" where cultural objects are evacuated of meaning to circulate freely. We also did a two part episode interviewing my friend Nathaniel Perrin who was working on his dissertation at University of Gothenburg at the time.

I don't have any expectation that we will revive it, but I also wouldn't put it out of the realm of possibility. We recorded a few more episodes where we were reading and discussing some Levinas, so those might see the light of day someday. But, I did want to share in case you're the type of person who would be interested by some outsider discourse about theology, philosophy, and social issues.

The best place to catch up on our backlog is at Substack or

Suffer Map | Substack
A podcast for charting the wastelands. Click to read Suffer Map, a Substack publication. Launched 2 years ago.

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